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Rubbing Fastness

Fiber Microscopic Image Detection Analyzer

Fiber Grease Fast Extraction Instrument (Left)
Yarn Strength Tester (Right)

Yarn Examining Machine

Electronic Single Fiber Strength Tester

Roll Box-Type Pilling Tester
2、Engineering and technology center:

Raw Material Testing Cente

Yarn Testing Center

Experimental Base(I)
    The Engineering R & D Center has a space area of approximately 300 square meters. It now has 42 full-time R & D personnel, of whom 8 holds the intermediate technical titles or above. The center has 21 sets of R & D test equipment which costs more than 5 million yuan. The Center's technical team is headed by the senior engineer graduated from Donghua University (formerly China Textile University) who has been engaged in the woolen industry for more than 40 years, and who is responsible for providing overall guidance; the technical team is composed of young, middle-aged and old specialists, engineers, technical backbones and technicians graduated from Tianjin University (formerly Tianjin Institute of Textile) Northwest Institute of Textile Science, Zhejiang Si-tech University, Zhejiang Textile & Fashion Institute, Qingdao University, and other well-known textile universities.

Experimental Base(II)

Experimental Base(III)

    In the past three years, more than 20 scientific and technological achievements have been put into production, and the R & D investment has exceeded 40 million yuan. In terms of the cooperation of production, learning and research, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ningbo Vocational Institute of Textile and Apparel in 2010, making full use of the technological and human resources and advanced well proven technological achievements of institutions of higher education, to promote the transformation of the company’s traditional industries and the development of high-tech industries, enhance its research capacity, and improve the technical and management levels of the company. Through technology development in cooperation with institutions of higher education, our R & D staff have received good trainings, which has improved the technical level of our R & D personnel in the aspect of theories, so as to train a technically competent R & D team as soon as possible, and thus build up the solid advantage of talents for the future development of the company. At present, our company is actively discussing the long-term cooperation with Zhejiang University and Ningbo Institute of Materials.
3、Technology patents:The company has received 13 patents, of which 4 are invention patents, and 9 are utility model patents.
Invention patents:
A method for fluffing and softening cashmere
A method for rapidly dyeing cashmere
A method for spinning with Angola cashmere
A method for producing high-count cashmere and Zhulimo blended fiber products
4、Technological Trend
  The new novelty yarn (R & D), and the woolen double-stranded 36 and 48 cashmere yarn (R & D) have all passed the appraisal for the overseas investment invitation project of Ningbo, and was listed in the national projects.
Breakthroughs in the R & D of cashmere tightly twisted yarn
Breakthroughs in the R & D of core-spun yarn