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1、Talent strategy
Enterprise is the most valuable asset, have both ability and political integrity entrepreneurial talent, is the enterprise survival and development to ensure, through the creation of scientific human resources management system, for the talent to create a good working and living environment, build and create good occupation development space and platform, to the talent to provide more opportunities, favorable conditions and treatment. Kangsai Ni group respect for talent, employees of different personalities and beliefs.
Kangsai Ni people know that employee satisfaction to reach customer satisfaction is necessary assure, Kangsai Ni group to create the" employee satisfaction" best" and create the best happiness enterprises" as the goal, the pursuit of consensus, sharing, shared governance to achieve business goals and life goal unification. Choose to meet and adapt to the company culture and management personnel to jointly create a better tomorrow Kangsai Ni group, through education, training and guidance to stimulate the staff's potential and morale.
2、The idea of people
Understanding, concern, respect, love, trust
3、Employing the concept:
Organization advocating unity and harmonious interpersonal relationships, to adhere to the principle of equality, justice, fair, transparent, to go straight and good team, adhere to the interior from the selection of outstanding personnel, performance is excellent person has many opportunities for promotion.
Employing the principle character, character of the first element is honest; acquisition of skills and technology standards of judgment is, to see if he can reach the required speed and quality level.
Additional techniques should be paid additional compensation, which can encourage the people in the organization learning, learning is a value-added assets. Competitors can buy good equipment and technology, but they can not find the same person.
Continuous learning workforce is a can not copy the competitive advantage.
Praise good work.
“Not the best, only the most suitable ”, to recruit the best talent, also is to recruit the best talent.