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What is cashmere?
Cashmere is one of the rarest and most precious fibers in the world. It is soft to the touch, bright in color, and warm to wear. A dress made of cashmere is a symbol of luxury. Cashmere is a kind of natural fiber, which is made from the hair of a kind of goats, which live on the cold and dry highlands. Most of them are concentrated in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Ningxia in China, where it is very dry and cold in winter. In order to survive, these goats have grown thick and rough hair to keep warm. Right under the rough hair, there is a layer of fine fiber that is known as cashmere. The cashmere production from each goat is very limited; therefore, it takes four years in a row to gather enough cashmere from the body of a goat to make a cashmere sweater.

What is the difference between cashmere and wool?
Cashmere is different from wool, as the latter is from the body of sheep, while cashmere is only from the body of goats. General speaking, cashmere refers exclusively to the product produced from goats, while a sheep does not produce cashmere. Many people name the fine wool of sheep which has somewhat similar characteristics as those of cashmere as “sheep cashmere”, which has actually confused the concepts of cashmere and wool.

What are the characteristics of cashmere?
Slender, soft, and warm - Cashmere is the finest animal fiber. The fineness of Consinee’s cashmere is generally between 13um-15.5um, with high natural tortuosity, which can be closely arranged in spinning and weaving; they have good cohesion, which produce better warm insulation as high as 1.5-2 times that of wool. The appearance scales of cashmere fibers are small and smooth. There is a layer of air in the middle of the fiber, which makes the fiber light in weight and smooth to the touch.
Natural and soft color - Cashmere fiber has even fineness and low density, and the cross-sections are mostly in regular round shape, with strong hygroscopicity, to fully absorb dyes and make it not easy to fade. Therefore, compared with other fibers, it is easy to identify the advantages of cashmere, such as, natural sheen, soft touch, pureness, and bright color.
Pliable and flexible - Because of its larger tortuosity number, rate and recovery rate, cashmere fiber is suitable for making the knitwear that has plump and soft touch, and elastic fabrics, and feels natural and comfortable to wear, with good restoring features, which is especially embodied in the fact that it does not shrink after washing, with good shape retention.

Do you know how to select a cashmere sweater?
The raw cashmere taken from goats are screened, washed, and combed before becoming the pure cashmere raw material, namely, dehaired cashmere. It is after more than 50 processes including dyeing, spinning, weaving, and finishing that it can finally be made into all kinds of cashmere garments. In producing cashmere sweaters, Consinee adopts high-quality raw materials, rigorous processes, advanced equipment, scientific techniques, and strict tests, and the products are featured by smooth appearance, exquisite craftsmanship, silky feeling, clear lines, good evenness, good fullness, soft color, and good elasticity.