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1、Cashmere Raw Materials:
The company has its own raw material production base;
Dehaired wool reserves rank first in the country;
Perennial reserves up to more than 200 tons of high-quality cashmere
2、Production Equipment:
The company imported the world's most advanced fully automatic woolen, worsted, semi worsted, and novelty yarn production lines and equipment from Italy, Germany, and Japan, with a total investment of more than 300 million yuan, injecting new vigor and vitality to the Chinese textile industry by virtue of sophisticated equipment, large-scale production, and delicacy management.
3、Technical Team:
The company has more than 30 technical personnel with years of industrial experience, of which 6 are engineers holding associate senior titles or above.
The company has participated in the amendment of “Wool Fabric Dyeing and Finishing”, a well-known publication in the industry.
The company has a specialized team of pattern making and dyeing, who can fulfill fast pattern-making and environmentally friendly dyeing.
4、Environmental Protection –Hand in Hand with Green Concepts
Only health is eternal!
Only environmental protection is the path to long-term development.
Consinee’s products adopt the biological active dyeing auxiliaries and dyes imported from Switzerland in the entire production process; the most modernized sewage water treatment system and circulatory system are used to ensure the constant temperature and humidity and the absence of dust pollution inside workshops.
Today, Consinee’s experts are developing natural dyes made from vegetables, so that you will be accompanied by nature, sunlight and color.
Consinee people have been striving for the goal!
Till good is better!
But better best!