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Consinee Woolen Fabrics Co., Ltd. is the earliest brand yarn production and processing center of the Group, and the domestic leader in the area of high-end cashmere woolen yarn in terms of research and development, production, and export. After more than 10 years of development, the company has accumulated well proven technologies and management experience. There are currently 10 fully automatic imported production lines, with annual output of more than 1,000 tons of pure cashmere and cashmere blended yarn, wherein the pure cashmere yarn products (26, 28, 32, 36) are renowned at home and abroad, enjoying a high reputation in the international market. The soluble fiber and cashmere blended products, the high-tech nano-pearl cashmere yarn, and other high-end products developed in recent years are at the industry leading levels, being highly favored by a number of international top brands.

Worsted & semi-worsted

The worsted and semi worsted fabrics facilities are an international first-class yarn production base of the group with a total investment of 250 million yuan. It has the world's most advanced fully automated imported production equipment and supporting facilities, with an annual capacity of 800 tons. It now can produce yarn more than 300 varieties of yarn products, in which the 80 and 100 conventional yarns and the 180 ultra-high cashmere yarns are highly favored by the market. In the modern world that sees global warming and the rapid development of the high fashion industry, worsted and semi-worsted fabrics will become the new economic growth point of Consinee, and the new leader of the world's wool textile industry as well.

Fancy yarn

Fancy Yarn is the first company among the industries of the Group to adopt the marketing mode of “designed in Italy – woven in China - the international market” integrating both production and trade. It is also the largest R & D and production base of mohair high count yarns in Asia and even the world. The company was originally a joint venture of Lineapiu Group in China, an internationally renowned Italian company. At the end of 2010, the joint venture was acquired and restructured by Consinee, based on which a new investment of $ 80 million was increased, and 10 advanced automatic novelty yarn production lines were introduced, to achieve a total annual production capacity of 1,500 tons of high-end fine count mohair yarns. The company’s products fall into four major categories: high count mohair, cashmere, the loop yarn series, core yarn series, tape yarn series, and tight twist yarn series.

Polymer Materials

Polymer Materials (specialty yarns) is the first company of the Group’s expansion to the field of industries and military, and a high-tech enterprise of the group following the guideline of accelerating industrial restructuring and actively promoting the industrial upgrading. The project has an investment of 200 million yuan, with an annual output of 1500 tons of high-end specialty yarns. It is the largest production base of special yarns dedicated to industrial/military uses (seat cushions and liners for automotive, aircraft, ships and so on, as well as fabrics for body armors, parachutes, life jackets, etc.) in the East China and even the country. It will play an active role in the construction of national military and civilian infrastructures.

New Fibre Technology

Consinee New Fibre Technology is an upstream supporting manufacturing enterprise in the industry chain of the group. It is also the largest company engaged in loose fiber dyeing in East China. It has more than 80 dye vats of all sizes and more than 20 pattern makers, with an annual processing capacity of more than 7000 tons of loose fibers, hank yarns, and wool tops, and a daily sewage treatment capacity of 3000 tons. All dyes and auxiliaries are eco-friendly. The company has the capacity of 24H online pattern delivery.