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1、Study Culture:  

Consinee has established a set of stereoscopic training system aiming to improve staff business and comprehensive skills. We introduce diversity education to implement all-employee study. “An hour course” is carried out in enterprise to spread knowledge and inspire intelligence, which can broadens employees’ perspective and enrich knowledge in cooperation and develop intelligence and perceive life under the guidance of famous teacher. In addition, we have established long-term cooperative relationship with famous training companies like Taiwan Jianfeng management technology company and Hangzhou Tiantuo outdoor development company and we spend much fund to provide employees scientific and perfect resource and services. In 2010 and 2011 we spent 500 thousand RMB and held two outdoor military training for three days for all employees.

2、Health Culture:  

Consinee promotes healthy, safe and happy way of work and life. We provide regular physical examination and set health files for employees. Besides, we stick to start career health counseling and safe production education which can provide employees good production and life environment. In addition, a series of popular PE races and activities have been organized and developed to cultivate employees’ interest and stimulate potential as well as create relaxing and pleasurable environment.

3、Caring Culture:  

Consinee have grateful heart and courage to undertake responsibility. We appropriately handle the relationship between human and society as well as human and nature with humanity. We build good enterprise image and create harmonious public relation; We save energy and protect environment to build beautiful factory; We care for our employees and create good labor relation; We devote love to society with action.

4、Democratic Culture:  

In Consinee, employees are regulated and restrained by a set of complete regulations and at the same time enjoy their own democracy and respect from salary and welfare system reform small to food, housing and transportation. To stimulate employees’ enthusiasm in democratic management, Consinee gives material and spiritual reward to employees who put forward reasonable suggestions and advice. And we set suggestion box in public area for enterprise development. In the biennial general assembly, we will choose advanced team, advanced individual, excellent management workers and individual award and the winners will get the company ‘s recognition and reward.

5、Talent culture:  

Consinee is a big school, is a large stage, as long as you have enough faith, are available in the organization of a series of formal diversity, rich and colorful activities " show a".