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The annual meeting and the Spring Festival gala in 2014 of Consinee Group


   On January 19th, Consinee Group New Year Reception and 2014 Spring Festival gala was held in Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel. All Consinee people sung and danced to celebrate the Spring Festival in 2014. All stuff from group headquarters and all subordinate companies including foreign companies, old friends and suppliers Chinese or foreign years, Consinee Peer friends and partners, families of workers and staff, totally more than 900 people watched the performance.



    At 6:00 pm, Consinee Group New Year Reception, 2014 Spring Festival gala started. Our company chairman and CEO Mr.Xue Jingli delivered speech to extend sincere and best wishes for New Year to all.



    This year's Spring Festival Gala Show is a kind of artistic form of the past year work of our Consinee people and also is a summary report of Consinee enterprise culture.



    Consinee people sung and danced to praise their own company and pray for the future, and fully express the confidence and determination to achieve the "Third Five-Year Plan and the Listing of Company".