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The investigating tourism in H.K. and Macao and the experiencing military training will be set for real reform


   According to the Enterprise Human Resources strategic planning and work plan arrangement in 2014, Consinee Group will organize two large scale activities in August to expand the employee perspective, strengthen their business communication and enhance the cohesive force in enterprise.

   One is the group company organize parts of the old staffs to visit Hong Kong and Macao for exchanging and learning. Then, they can not only exchange ideas about work face to face with colleagues in Hong Kong, but also have chance to enjoy the charming night view of Vitoria harbor and the characteristics of Macao scenery. At present, the relevant formalities and the preparatory work is progressing well.

   Another one is Consinee Group will organize the Phase III experiential military training. So far, our company has successively carried out this kind of training two times, each time for three days and two nights, totaling 800 person-times. In the upcoming Phase III training, there will be more than 300 employees together with field athletics meet the challenge. At present, the activity is in the fiery preparation.